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About Entur

Entur has been given the great task to make it simple to choose a sustainable path with public transport in Norway. For this to happen, it is necessary to create new and unified solutions for the transport sector. To enable innovation we gather, enhance and share public data for public transport through open APIs.

Untrustworthy Deployments

Entur used CircleCI for continuous integration and software delivery. The company was happy with their CI process, but reached the limitations of their custom scripted CircleCI pipelines. These pipelines were configured using 1000’s of xml lines, making them nightmares to maintain and update. 

Each CircleCI pipeline was configured using 1000s of lines of xml.

Tommy A. Bø | DevOps Engineer | Entur

Entur assembled a world-class deployment team to address CircleCI’s shortcomings:

  • Tommy A. Bø, DevOps Engineer
  • Recep Cetin, Cloud Architect
  • Tor Magnus Castberg, Team Lead

The team needed to simplify software delivery and give developers confidence in deployment pipelines. Deployments occurred on a bi-weekly basis and had a 20% change failure rate. Every production deployment failure required a 2 hour manual roll-back. Developers were concerned about the stability of deployment pipelines and unintentionally causing a major outage. To make matters worse, the maintenance of deployment pipelines was taking valuable developer time away from enhancing core business functionality.

We didn't want a tool that we would have to manage ourselves so we could focus on our core business.

Tommy A. Bø | DevOps Engineer | Entur

Out of the Box Speed and Security

Entur chose Harness for their Continuous Delivery needs to simplify a complex CD process, to eliminate the burden of managing another tool, and to provide developers with self service Continuous Delivery.

We chose Harness for the compelling user interface and intuitive workflows

Tommy A. Bø | DevOps Engineer | Entur

Harness gave Entur’s developers the power to deploy on their own without worrying about breaking things. Entur’s deployment velocity increased to twice a week and Harness Continuous Verification helped drop the change failure rate to 5%. Even if a failure occurred, Entur could roll-back with the click of a button in under 5 minutes. 

All of this without maintaining 1000’s of lines of xml configuration.

Harness is simple and easy to work with, it has reduced my manual effort when deploying across platforms.

Recep Cetin | Cloud Architect | Entur

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