January 24, 2023

‍Harness® Acquires Propelo, Bringing Actionable Engineering Insights to Award-Winning Software Delivery Platform

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Acquisition Expands Harness Software Delivery Platform With Propelo’s Engineering Insights to Give Enterprises Actionable Data to Measure and Optimize Their Software Delivery Processes and Improve Developer Experience

SAN FRANCISCO—January 24, 2023— Harness, the Modern Software Delivery Platform™ company, today announced the acquisition of Propelo, Inc., an industry leader in engineering productivity, and the general availability of Harness Software Engineering Insights™ module. Propelo’s engineering excellence platform provides insights into software delivery and workflows across teams, processes and systems. Industry-leading organizations rely on Propelo to increase their developer productivity, improve developer experience, software quality and security, and accelerate time to value, including Broadcom, CDK Global, iBotta, OneMain Financial, Razorpay, Rubrik, and many other Fortune 1000 companies across industries. 

The acquisition follows a year of strong growth at Harness, including a total of $425 million in funding at a valuation of $3.7 billion, named to the Forbes Cloud 100 and the world’s fastest Continuous Integration (CI). Propelo is now available as the Harness Software Engineering Insights module—the eighth module in the Harness Platform— providing solutions for the entire software delivery lifecycle (SDLC). Harness Software Engineering Insights is generally available today. To get started with Harness Software Engineering Insights please visit www.harness.io/products/software-engineering-insights

As software delivery processes and the toolchains that support them have grown more complex, organizations struggle to measure their software delivery performance, find opportunities for efficiencies and determine how to act on them. Harness Software Engineering Insights solves for these challenges by providing complete visibility into an organization’s SDLC. By identifying inefficiencies and bottlenecks in the SDLC (which create delays in delivery and impact engineering productivity) organizations can reduce developer task burden, like waiting on builds or troubleshooting deployments. Developers can then get on to the high-value, high-reward work that creates a great developer experience and improves engineering efficiency. 

Harness Software Engineering Insights integrates seamlessly with the Harness platform, works with common CI/CD tools (Jenkins, CircleCI, Gitlab, Azure, etc.) and provides 40+ popular third-party integrations (Azure, Jira, GitHub, etc.). Enterprise companies with heterogeneous environments are able to fetch data from disparate DevOps tools and receive centralized visibility into their SDLC process. Harness Software Engineering Insights achieves this by looking at different facets of the SDLC process where bottlenecks are prevalent, such as: 

  • Alignment: Software Engineering Insights ensures engineering teams are aligned with the business initiatives, improving resource allocation and reducing wasted efforts.
  • Planning: Software Engineering Insights maximizes the agile program output by increasing predictability, reducing scope creep and encouraging good process habits using an automated workflow engine.
  • Execution: Software Engineering Insights benchmarks each team and organization using out-of-the-box north star metric frameworks, such as DORA and SPACE, and provides actionable insights into how to improve those metrics by removing bottlenecks.

“Talented software developers are in high demand and a business’s bottom line relies on developers rapidly delivering innovation to end-users. Enterprises know developer productivity and happiness are business critical. A big part of improving the dev experience is having the right insights into the SDLC to know where developers are being held back. But companies need to measure before they can optimize. Until now measurability has been a tremendous challenge,” said Jyoti Bansal, CEO and cofounder at Harness. “Propelo provides engineering and DevOps leaders with actionable data to make decisions that remove engineering roadblocks and help teams respond more quickly to customer needs. We are proud to have the incredible Propelo team, industry-leading platform and deep customer base now at Harness, to drive continuous improvement for our customers.”

“It is exciting to bring the proven Propelo solution to the innovation and rapid growth happening at Harness,” said Nishant Doshi, CEO and founder at Propelo. ”This acquisition will help customers improve the productivity of their engineering teams and achieve business outcomes quickly. Now as part of the Harness platform, we will expand our reach and bring powerful solutions to even more customers. The combination of Harness with Propelo moves us forward on the common mission to empower developers to achieve business goals faster and more efficiently.”  

“Broadcom has been using Propelo for the last several years and we’ve seen incredible improvement in engineering productivity,” said Joe Chen, VP of Engineering at Broadcom. “The technology automates our KPIs and removes bottlenecks, reducing our developers’ task burden by 30% in certain areas, enabling them to focus on more rewarding work.”

“Through Propelo’s DORA and sprint insights, our team has been able to identify pressing bottlenecks and inefficiencies within our processes,” said Ljubomir Cvetkovic, VP Engineering at American Eagle Outfitters. “Propelo’s insights have allowed us to make more targeted improvements to our workflows, leading to significant reduction in lead time and higher work quality.”

About Harness

Harness is the only end-to-end platform for complete software delivery. It provides a simple, safe and secure way for engineering and DevOps teams to release applications into production. Harness uses machine learning to detect the quality of deployments and automatically roll back failed ones, saving time and reducing the need for custom scripting and manual oversight, giving engineers their weekends back. Harness Inc. is based in San Francisco. More on Twitter @harnessio and at harness.io.

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